What are your pricing options and what does that include?

I offer a variety of options to customize your shoot specific to the needs of you and your family.  Sessions start at $350.  I have attached 2017 & 2018 investment options.  Pricing Guide 2017 & 2018.

How do we book a session? 

The best way to inquire about my availability would be through email, julianne@juliannegreen.com or call 312/520-1815. 

What’s included in your pricing?

Pricing is all inclusive.  When your pictures are finished I will email you a link to your personal gallery.  From here you can download the images directly onto your computer and print wherever your heart desires. Your gallery will remain active for 60 days. 

Are there any hidden costs? 

No.  I charge a one-time flat rate for all of my shoots.  There are no additional costs.

How long until I receive my photos?

I typically have them back to you within 2-4 weeks.  If you need something turned around faster, I am happy to work with you on that.

Do you have a studio?

My style has a few different names, some call it lifestyle, others storytelling, or documentary... but regardless of what we call it, the backdrop of your images should be special to you.  Meaning I prefer to shoot in your home, a location that is meaningful to you and your family.  Therefore, I do not use a studio.  To me, making memories and documenting the story of your families journey should be in your environment.

What should we wear?

I always recommend keeping things simple, and be yourself.  That being said, a few things to avoid are busy patterns, logos, really strong neons, pinstripes, etc.  It always looks great when families wear complimentary colors (not all the same, but complimentary, blues and yellows, reds and greens, coral and turquoise.)  Layers are always a good option.  Lastly, pinterest.com is a great place to gather wardrobe ideas.  

What should we bring?  

Depending on the style of shoot, I recommend some of the following items, a change of clothes, especially if you have little ones susceptible to accidents, a blanket, a toy that might help catch the attention of your kiddos, but generally speaking, bring as little as possible... we are going to be walking around and we want your hands and pockets free. 

What if the weather isn't what we hope?

If there is a strong likelihood for rain in the forecast the evening before your scheduled shoot, we will reschedule to a mutually agreed upon date.