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Welcome to Julianne Green Photography an award winning photographer based in Downers Grove, IL.  I am so happy you stopped in. I am a coaxer of natural smiles, laughs and raw beauty.  I am a lover of personal interactions and proud of every laugh, kiss and tear that has gone into these galleries.  Every session with me will take you on a journey that will center on your family's love, humor and tenderness.  

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-Let me tell your story through my lens -


... we might meet again as your family of 2 is becoming a family of 3 or more... and the excitement, fear of the unknown and love that children encompass... 

Anya's Story


...We can laugh later when those little babies are giving you a run for your money and daddy is wrapped around their little fingers during our family sessions, that will capture the chaos that is your amazing life... they will be perfectly you images  I am invested in your story... 


People often ask why my areas of interest span couples, newborns and families etc, vs focusing on one area or another and the answer is simple...  My hope is that our relationship will span many chapters of your life... Starting from when you are two individuals who can't live without one another; wide-eyed and super excited about what lies ahead... 

Newborn Photographer Chicago Julianne Green

...I can't wait to swaddle that sweet little one and capture the absolute love you will have that you didn't know was even possible until you met that little person.  It will change you and your story like you can't even image...


... I will take these moments, not just the pictures, but the emotions, the feeling, the experience, and what that is to you, and I will encapsulate it for you, in a story, in a tangible, cohesive collection of your story that can be passed and shared, and experienced time and time again.  

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