Together is our favorite place to be... {DuPage County Wedding} {Chicago Wedding}

Melissa and Allen had the most beautiful engagement session, and I knew immediately that their wedding would be incredible. These two just mesh, they’re so laid back and enjoyable to be around, how could it not be a wonderful affair. Well, I can attest, they are a good match. From the details, to the venue that is a charity, to the people… it was a heartwarming evening.

We started at a bridesmaid’s house, enjoying relaxing moments before heading to the venue… these girls know how to celebrate!

Naperville Wedding Photographer

Then we headed to the Farm Friends venue… as I mentioned this is a charitable venue for special needs families… they have workshops and therapeutic programs… you can learn more about them on their website


It was time to get ready for the first look and get this bridal party going!


Before we knew it, it was time to say I DO!!!

Bring on the Alpacas, sunset shots and the PARTY!