Bring the Spring - Downers Grove Photographer

This spring is making it really hard to think about family photo session... I get it, my personal family session is on Sunday and want nothing more than fields of daffodils and tulips, purple crocus and green buds, but what do we have? BROWN, dappled with the couple of sad daffodils that decided it was time to bloom on that single 70 degree day we had a couple weeks back.  

What to do?  

Well this is what we are doing... we are going to go to locations that offer structure, look for textures and visual interest aside from those buds that are mostly not available... Downtown areas might be more likely to have a few blooms in their planted beds.

And what about those cute outfits you have planned?

Think layers... you can still rock that cute spring dress with pastels, but throw on a denim jacket, throw on a sweater... something that looks cute on but you can easily take off for a couple shots to show off your vision for everyones outfits.  Be flexible.

These images were taken in downtown Naperville and show of how you can get creative with your surroundings.  The blooms will be here soon enough, and in the meantime, embrace the patterns that are around you!