Connecting - Downers Grove Photographer

I am just getting back from the Reset Conference where I spent 2 very full days connecting with other photographers, connecting with myself as a person, mom and photographer and connecting with my business.  This got me thinking about what inspires me, what drives me to pick up my camera time and time again, what images I'm drawn to... what do I love to see and feel.  

So I decided to do a little exercise and went through a bunch my images.  Every image that really spoke to me, I put it in the folder.  

Well... here they are.  

Downers Grove Photographer

I really liked this exercise and so I kept going.... 

Downers Grove Photographer

And going... 

Downers Grove Photographer

OK you get the point.  Aside from the obvious change in seasons, what do you see as the common thread in all of them?  What do they make you feel? Please I REALLY want to know... because 1) I genuinely want to know what you feel but 2) I'm curious if anyone is reading this, lol.

I will tell you what I see when people start responding.