About me - Downers Grove Photographer

Im sitting here in Indianapolis listening to some awesome photographers and working on my website, and thought maybe you would all like to know a little more about me... Here are a few fun tidbits.  Post below with some fun info like this on your family!  I want to get to know you better!!

Favorite food: All food, but if i had to pick it would be Chinese.
Biggest fear: Bugs (ask me about that time I left my kids while running away from one... I mean I am an awesome mom, but I HATE bugs.)
Spouse: Mark :) we went to college together, but didn't date until 2008
Kids: Twin girls, Anna and Avery are my life, their smiles make me want to run and grab my camera... their laughs make my heart sing with love.
Worst habit: Flossing teeth in bed?
Biggest pet peeve: when people don't clear their throats.
Education: Coms degree from NIU with a minor in fine art and I have a culinary degree... so naturally I'm a photographer.
What people probably don't know about me: I'm Chinese, Italian and German, born in New Jersey and am a closet gamer... I love to veg out and destress this way... I love science fiction and am a huge nerd.  
My perfect client: A paying one.... Just kidding!  Sort of.  My favorite clients are the ones who ask a ton of questions up front and are willing to prepare for the session... lets talk outfits, location, tell me about your kids, a funny joke, I don't care.  Photography is an intimate process and I want to get to know you, not just the names of your kids and that you like candid photos.
Why are you a photographer: Because I have this insatiable desire to capture those smiles and laughs that I mentioned above... I can't tell you the feeling I get when a dad is chasing a son and the laugh that is produced when the dad catches him and lifts him up.  Those moments are so special and I want to bottle them up for people to have forever.  
Where do I want to travel: everywhere but I hate flying, so sometimes I get a bit anxious about it. 
Who do you want to meet dead or alive: Marks father, he passed before we started dating and I never had the opportunity to tell him how amazing I think his son is. 

Now its your turn... gimme some good info!  AND please excuse any typos... I make them, a lot.