Donut smash! {Chicago Family Photographer} {Chicago Newborn Photographer} {Naperville Family Photographer} {Hinsdale photographer}

First Birthday Donut Smash

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'Tis the season for baby boys!

This winter has been the winter of baby boys in my studio… Here are a few images from my most recent and very sleepy little guy (he was a rock star during his session)… This super sweet family has two littles under the age of two now and I have a feeling his big sister is going to give him a run for it when he is old enough to keep up!

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Glitter in the deep freeze. {Naperville family photographer} {Chicago Family Photographer} {Hinsdale Family Photographer}

Its that time of year… Chicago winter, a particularly frigid and blustery one at that. What’s a photographer to do you say?

Well, what all photographers are doing right now… give a bunch of kids some glitter and let them go crazy.

Seems simple enough, but kids are never really given free reign to throw, feel and play with glitter; the ever spreading, self adhering, shiny virus that it is.

This experience leaves them all wanting to come back tomorrow, but not til next year kids or maybe never if I don’t have amnesia about the clean up required, HAHAHA. Only time will tell.

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New Year, New Baby! {Chicago Newborn Photographer} {Naperville Newborn Photographer}

Its been WAY too long since I have posted! We are now in 2019 and a new year has begun… what better way to start a new year than with a newborn?!?

This sweet 3 week old came to visit me and was full of smiles and snuggles.

I have lots of new stuff for 2019! Next post will be an adorable 8 month old I had in modeling all my new 6-12 month outfits!

Naperville Newborn Photographer Chicago Newborn Photographer Downers Grove Newborn Photographer Hinsdale Newborn Photographer Wheaton Newborn Photographer Glen Ellyn Newborn Photographer Chicago Family Photographer Naperville Family Photographer Hinsdale Family Photographer Downers Grove Family Photographer

Mommy and Me | Chicago family photographer | Naperville Family Photographer

Lets see a show of “likes” (yes I mean click like on the post if you experience this)… How many of you out there have Facebook and Instagram feeds FULL of images of your kids, your kids happily playing on the swings at the park or walking into school for the first time or running down the soccer field or just being their goofy selves? How many of you have photos of your kids all over the house on display with pride? Now, how many of you have nary a photo of yourself, on Facebook, Instagram, or your walls? How many of you have pictures showing the love you have for your little ones while you embrace them and someone else is behind the camera like those shown here?

Hinsdale Family Photographer

I bet you most of you are saying, well I’m the person taking the pic with my iPhone, unless i’m running around with a self stick all day, I have to be the one taking the pictures, right?

Naperville Family Photographer

I’m here to tell you, get out from behind the camera and do a photo session with a photographer that can put you at ease to be yourself with your littles, a photographer that will capture images like these showing the love and fun that your family is experiencing. Get those pictures of running and playing with them, not running after them with the iPhone. These times are very brief… but pictures last a lifetime, don’t forget to take a day and do this for not only yourself but you kiddos. Something to look at and remember these fleeting moments.

Chicago Family Photographer

Photo sessions aren’t always the easiest to plan, and maybe make some people feel a little uncomfortable, but with the right photographer, you will be at ease… photographers will help you plan your outfits, they will position you… All you need to do is bring the love and willingness to be yourself. I implore you to do this for yourself, so that you may have images like these to look back on and remember the fun you had with your little ones before you blink.

Downers Grove Family Photographer
Naperville Photographer

Chicago Family Photographer | Naperville Family Photographer | Hinsdale Family Photographer | Downers Grove Family Photographer | Wheaton Family Photographer | Glen Ellyn Family Photographer

When Costco gives you lemons! {Chicago Family Photographer} {Naperville Family Photographer

When Costco has HUGE bags of lemons for sale, you get two and come to my studio in downtown Downers Grove!  Well at least that is what this creative momma did!  We had so much fun playing around with the set up, and the little one had fun trying to eat them... check it out a few highlights from this lemon-tactic session!

These sweet sisters had some time to themselves in front of the camera before showing off some snuggles and funny moments :)

Chicago family photographer lemon session
Naperville Family Photographer

We took a quick break, cleaned up the lemons and snapped a few of these cuties on a nice clean backdrop... we had such a fun morning playing around!  Cant wait to see you guys this fall!  And hope to see you in the studio or on location soon too!!  

Hinsdale Family Photographer

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Magazine feature {Chicago Photographer} {Hinsdale Photographer}

When your friend, client and executive asks you to take pictures for an upcoming article that is being run on her for Profile magazine, you respond with an unequivocal YES.

We started the morning off with hair and makeup by Lisa Pietrzak and a few shots at my studio in Downers Grove.  

Chicago Photographer Julianne Green

Followed by a stroll around town, discussing work, family and fun while we snapped pictures and checked out some cool hidden gems right in our own backyards.  

Downers Grove Photographer Julianne Green

Thank you for asking me to be a part of this... I can't wait to see the Profile piece when it comes out!

Hinsdale Photographer Julianne Green
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3 become 4! {Chicago Newborn Photographer} {Naperville Newborn Photographer}

When I met family "P" their beautiful baby girl was turning one... a couple years later and we have seen each other again for a maternity session and most recently I had the opportunity to take the first images of their beautiful baby boy.  This is what makes my work so fulfilling... What other job do you get to be a part of peoples' most important moments... it makes for really happy work!  XOXO "P" family... until next time.


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Engagement Session at Sunset! {Chicago Wedding Photographer}

Couple has the most gorgeous sunset engagement session in Chicago. Wedding to be amazing.

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Beautiful Lifestyle session with baby #3! Naperville Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle newborn sessions have gained popularity in recent years... and when a family is bringing home baby #3 it only makes sense to want to bring that baby into the home you have created where everyone including the siblings can really be involved.  

Chicago newborn photographer

Mom and dad get to experience and capture this special moment that they have worked so hard toward in the very home that they have built. 


Naperville Newborn Photographer

And this sweet baby girl is pictured in her beautiful nursery that has been awaiting her arrival.


Hinsdale Newborn Photographer

Naperville Newborn Photographer | Chicago Newborn Photographer | Chicago wedding Photographer | Downers Grove family photographer | Hinsdale Family Photographer | Dupage county family photographer

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Day at the office - Chicago Photographer

I used to work in the corporate world; heading to an office every day... but I have long shed my blazer and pumped for a backpack and camera.  It was fun to spend a day at the Talos office however capturing the teams headshot.  Variety is the spice of life!



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6 months already!! - Naperville Family Photographer

This is what its all about... I had the pleasure of snuggling Henry for his newborn pictures... and in the blink of an eye he is a chunky 6 month old with an adorable mohawk.  Whats not to love.  

naperville family photographer

And just like his newborn session the entire family was able to get involved for the 6 month milestone; because in the end its all about the family and how life has grown and blossomed!!  

Hinsdale Family Photographer

Naperville Photographer, Naperville family photographer, Newborn Photographer, Downers Grove Family Photographer, Hinsdale Family Photographer, Chicago newborn photographer, Chicago family photographer.

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Happy 1st Birthday! - Naperville Family Photographer

Happy first birthday to these adorable twins... I love how their personality shines through even at age 1.  

Naperville Photographer, Naperville family photographer, Newborn Photographer, Downers Grove Family Photographer, Hinsdale Family Photographer, Chicago newborn photographer, Chicago family photographer.

Bring the Spring - Downers Grove Photographer

This spring is making it really hard to think about family photo session... I get it, my personal family session is on Sunday and want nothing more than fields of daffodils and tulips, purple crocus and green buds, but what do we have? BROWN, dappled with the couple of sad daffodils that decided it was time to bloom on that single 70 degree day we had a couple weeks back.  

What to do?  

Well this is what we are doing... we are going to go to locations that offer structure, look for textures and visual interest aside from those buds that are mostly not available... Downtown areas might be more likely to have a few blooms in their planted beds.

And what about those cute outfits you have planned?

Think layers... you can still rock that cute spring dress with pastels, but throw on a denim jacket, throw on a sweater... something that looks cute on but you can easily take off for a couple shots to show off your vision for everyones outfits.  Be flexible.

These images were taken in downtown Naperville and show of how you can get creative with your surroundings.  The blooms will be here soon enough, and in the meantime, embrace the patterns that are around you!


Thanks Voyage Chicago - Downers Grove Photographer

Meet Julianne Green of Julianne Green Photography 

Today we’d like to introduce you to Julianne Green.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Julianne. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I believe that for a lot of creative people, myself included, there is a constant struggle to do something that is true to your inner artist; something tangible, and the desire to survive. So after undergrad at Northern Illinois University, where I graduated with a degree in Organizational Communications and a minor in Fine Arts, I pursued the path most likely to pay the bills. So naturally, I did the least creative thing you could imagine and went into the financial services industry. I stayed in financial services until about 2013, when I had my twin girls and decided to leave the traditional workforce.

Photography had been close to my heart for as long as I can remember. I had a great professor at the school who taught me the basics of light and, while never professionally before Julianne Green Photography, I had a strong desire express myself through images at a young age. So it was a natural progression when I thought about what I would want to do in this next phase.

With the support of my husband, Mark, and the bit of time that staying home allowed, I started to build Julianne Green Photography. Which was originally called Three Little Birds Photography, because 1) we love Bob Marley, but more importantly 2) Mark didn’t know many nursery rhymes and would sing “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” to rock the girls to sleep… He and the girls are my three little birds! I later realized that people knew “Me”, and “I” was the brand; leading to the decision to change the name and incorporate the birds into my logo.

I started doing sessions for free… taking pictures at friends parties; whether they wanted me to or not. I would play around with editing. It’s important to mention that in undergrad I learned on an ancient canon on film (T-MAX 400) and developed in the darkroom (old school), so I had to teach myself to use a digital camera and programs such as Lightroom and photoshop… doing everything based on what I believe to be aesthetically attractive and a lot of trial and error.

Thankfully people were receptive. I started putting out feelers to families willing to pay bottom dollar for a little more experience in order to build my portfolio. With the support of a lot of friends, my dream became a reality… they believed in me, encouraged me, and here I am… Now the owner of Julianne Green Photography, with an adorable little studio in Downtown Downers Grove, Illinois that I split with one other super talented photographer, Summer Brader. I am so unbelievably lucky.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
The business took off pretty quickly. I didn’t approach it from a full-time perspective initially… I eased my way in, which I believe made it seem less daunting at first… I didn’t pressure myself to do too much too fast. It quickly became clear that this was more than a side hustle.

However, that isn’t not to say there were not struggles. Being an entrepreneur, a mom, a wife, a friend and a new business owner were not without its problems. There is a constant feeling of letting someone or something down… i.e., I should spend more time with the kids or hubby… but I could be marketing or editing, and “oh shoot I forgot to call my friend back… 5 weeks ago”.

It took a while to realize that if I stay true to myself, am a straightforward business person (that gives honest expectations and deadlines), and a dedicated member of my family; it would all fall into place. Mark recognizes when I need help and is willing to let me pursue my dreams even though I mostly work weekends and a lot of weekday evenings. The job may take an hour to shoot, but the work that goes into 1 session hardly began at the actual appointment and doesn’t end until fully-edited photos are in the client’s hands and they are happy with their gallery, its a huge time commitment.

It’s a constant balancing act… sometimes I am hugely successful at it, other times not so much.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Julianne Green Photography – what should we know?
Plainly speaking, I am a storytelling photographer… lifestyle photographer. But when I say “lifestyle” I don’t mean lifestyle, as in documentary, day in the life of style that one might be thinking… I mean I want to tell your story.

I can be found working with couples/weddings/newborns/family sessions… but most importantly I want to work with people over and over again, telling the various parts of their story. I want to tell the love that you and your fiancé share, and then I will capture the journey you take when you walk down that aisle.

You will forever have the image of your husband who puts his hand on your expecting belly and the look of adoration he has in his eyes. You will never forget the tears that welled in both of your eyes when you look at your baby for one of the first times.

You will hear those giggles again, when you look a the images we captured from the smash cake at their first birthday session. I want to tell your story through my lens. What better way to serve my clients?

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
Oh geez, there are so many.

There was a big, I should have listened to my mom moment. She always told me I should do something with my artistic creative side, and I always said no, it will ruin the passion once it becomes a job. Well, I was dead wrong… starting this company has only increased my desire to create. So Mom, if you are reading this… thanks for always pushing me to pursue my talents… I did it. 

My dad shares my interest in photography and cameras… so having him to bounce ideas off of has been wonderful, he has even second shot with me, which was a lot of fun!

And of course, I couldn’t have done any of this without Mark and the girls. They have been my inspiration (I chase them around with a camera and make them a model for me, a lot), my advocates, my cheerleaders, and my supporters, both emotionally and financially.


  • Packages start at $350.

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Connecting - Downers Grove Photographer

I am just getting back from the Reset Conference where I spent 2 very full days connecting with other photographers, connecting with myself as a person, mom and photographer and connecting with my business.  This got me thinking about what inspires me, what drives me to pick up my camera time and time again, what images I'm drawn to... what do I love to see and feel.  

So I decided to do a little exercise and went through a bunch my images.  Every image that really spoke to me, I put it in the folder.  

Well... here they are.  

Downers Grove Photographer

I really liked this exercise and so I kept going.... 

Downers Grove Photographer

And going... 

Downers Grove Photographer

OK you get the point.  Aside from the obvious change in seasons, what do you see as the common thread in all of them?  What do they make you feel? Please I REALLY want to know... because 1) I genuinely want to know what you feel but 2) I'm curious if anyone is reading this, lol.

I will tell you what I see when people start responding.

Be a part of your families heirlooms and memories! DuPage County Photographer

How many of you don’t have a recent photo with you and your little TOGETHER?

How many of you have all of your images on your phone but don’t surround you at home?

How many believe that your children should have images to look back on and see mom and dad in the image versus taking the photo?

How many of you have never had a professional family photo session?

I want you to have the memories of your littles snuggling mommy… or laughing as you play tag. I want your children to have the heirlooms to look at year after year, they may not have a vivid memory of when they are young, but my images will encapsulate it… They will have it forever.

They change so fast and things are busy, I know, but take the moment to give your family this treasure… I promise you, we will take images that will draw up emotion, memories and love.  Call me, email me… lets talk about starting these moment now!  

PS dads…. mothers day is around the corner :)  Lets give mom a gift that will never end.

10917-downers-grove-photographer-189 copy.jpg

About me - Downers Grove Photographer

Im sitting here in Indianapolis listening to some awesome photographers and working on my website, and thought maybe you would all like to know a little more about me... Here are a few fun tidbits.  Post below with some fun info like this on your family!  I want to get to know you better!!

Favorite food: All food, but if i had to pick it would be Chinese.
Biggest fear: Bugs (ask me about that time I left my kids while running away from one... I mean I am an awesome mom, but I HATE bugs.)
Spouse: Mark :) we went to college together, but didn't date until 2008
Kids: Twin girls, Anna and Avery are my life, their smiles make me want to run and grab my camera... their laughs make my heart sing with love.
Worst habit: Flossing teeth in bed?
Biggest pet peeve: when people don't clear their throats.
Education: Coms degree from NIU with a minor in fine art and I have a culinary degree... so naturally I'm a photographer.
What people probably don't know about me: I'm Chinese, Italian and German, born in New Jersey and am a closet gamer... I love to veg out and destress this way... I love science fiction and am a huge nerd.  
My perfect client: A paying one.... Just kidding!  Sort of.  My favorite clients are the ones who ask a ton of questions up front and are willing to prepare for the session... lets talk outfits, location, tell me about your kids, a funny joke, I don't care.  Photography is an intimate process and I want to get to know you, not just the names of your kids and that you like candid photos.
Why are you a photographer: Because I have this insatiable desire to capture those smiles and laughs that I mentioned above... I can't tell you the feeling I get when a dad is chasing a son and the laugh that is produced when the dad catches him and lifts him up.  Those moments are so special and I want to bottle them up for people to have forever.  
Where do I want to travel: everywhere but I hate flying, so sometimes I get a bit anxious about it. 
Who do you want to meet dead or alive: Marks father, he passed before we started dating and I never had the opportunity to tell him how amazing I think his son is. 

Now its your turn... gimme some good info!  AND please excuse any typos... I make them, a lot.